MUST-SEE: The Best Experiences You Might Be Enjoying If Computers Weren’t Made

A world apart from the gift of technology shown in photos. The invention of computer is undeniably one of the things that greatly changed the world. People who are on their 50’s and beyond now could really testify as to how big the impact of its discovery is. Computers did not only change the world with […]

Here Are Natural Ways To Prevent Dry Eyes – You’ll Be Needing This Especially This Summer

The summer season is fast approaching. It’s time for time in the beach or in other places to enjoy together with family, friends, and loved ones. We always wanted that our vacation would be as smooth as possible that’s why we prepare things ahead of time. But, we just can’t always achieve this. During the summer […]

Artist Transforms Cambridge’s Chapel Using Stunning Visual Projections – This Is Just Awesome…

Technology has been influencing different scopes of our lives today. Now, even art didn’t escape from it. People can make different artworks using computers. This is what an artist named Miguel Chevalier, a Mexico City-born artist who lives in Paris, have done by illuminating the Cambridge’s King’s College Chapel with “immersive projection” of images related […]

For NBA 2k Game-Lovers Out There, This One’s For You…Can’t Wait For The Release Date Of NBA 2k16 Game…

Basketball have been ruling the world of fans around the world. It’s really exciting and entertaining. And because of this trend and by popular demand, the all-new NBA 2k16 going to be released later this year. It’s really an addictive game because of it’s cool graphics, and because you can play other NBA players. But, […]

This Super Mario First Person View Is Quite Cool To Play! This Is Indeed The Best Game Ever!

Do you love playing 3D video games at home? You might have played a lot of cool games with extreme realistic graphics. Most of us boys do really love playing computer games and getting addicted to it. What do you think is the best game have you ever played since when you were a kid? […]

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