15 Photos: Russian Artist Makes Intricate Baroque-Inspired Wigs Out Of Paper

Beautiful and detailed paper art by the Russian artist, Asya Kozina turns the simple and plain paper into a majestic kind of art.

The Russian artist makes baroque-inspired wigs out of paper.  She also made these Mongolian wedding costumes out of paper. Asya Kozina caught the eyes and attention of the world. She was known for her contemporary paper sculptures.

The Russian artist Asya Kozina has been turning paper into high-art for years, and won renown for her impressive Mongolian wedding costumes.

A Russian designer has captured the attention of the fashion market by making spectacular dresses – out of plain white paper.

The wild hairstyles of Victorian-era women and men were reimagined using individually crafted sheets, carefully curled and cut into perfectly permed locks.

Here are the 15  of the most  Intricate Baroque Wigs From Paper.


1. Intricate Baroque Wigs From Paper


2. Intricate Baroque Wigs From Paper


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