30 Eye-Catching Hometown Art That You Might Have Not Seen Yet

Every town has its own unique structures that make it distinct from the other places. Small or large, these unique structures are something that would be unforgettable for people most especially for tourists. Usually they really come as eye-catchers – may they be beautiful or ugly towards the eyes.

Mostly have these structures as fountains while others have it for statue purposes – serving as designs in parks and road sides. Despite the designated purpose, every person has his own taste and has set ideals of ‘beauty’ and ‘ugliness’.

Do you know that recently there are people who participated in an online posting of pictures of structures in their hometown that they somehow don’t find good in the eyes?

Here is the list of these eye-catching hometown arts.

1. Quasi, Christchurch, New Zealand

1. Quasi, Christchurch, New Zealand
Photo by Ronnie van Hout

2. Santa Claus, Rotterdam, Netherlands

2. Santa Claus, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Photo by zzephyrus

3. Breast Bunch, Arnhem, Netherlands

3. Breast Bunch, Arnhem, Netherlands
Photo by Maria Roosen

4. Oudenaarde, Belgium

4. Oudenaarde, Belgium
Photo by Zwarbo

5. Field of Corn, Dublin, Ohio

5. Field of Corn, Dublin, Ohio
Photo by Malcolm Mcochran

6. Des Moines, Iowa

6. Des Moines, Iowa
Photo by devinandcaitlin

7. New Lynn Transformation, Auckland, New Zealand

7. New Lynn Transformation, Auckland, New Zealand
Photo by Russell Brown

8. Vomiting Horse – Brazil’s City Of Curitiba

8. Vomiting Horse - Brazil's City Of Curitiba

9. Dinoseto, Vigo, Spain

9. Dinoseto, Vigo, Spain

10.  Priapos Garden, Gävle, Sweden

10. Priapos Garden, Gävle, Sweden
Photo by hejskellefte

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