Surprising Health Benefits Of Arrowroot Or ‘Uraro’ In Filipino You Need To Know

It’s really amazing to think how everything that we needed are already provided in nature. We just need to discover how to use them properly. Doctors and experts suggested long before that it’s better to use natural medicine than the others. Well, if the environment in your locality still has these natural resources such as plants and trees, it’ll be really easy and possible.

In countries like the Philippines, wherein there is still many healing plants available in surroundings, people use these as natural medicines.

What plants or trees are you using in some medication? Many people will try guava, banana, coconut, garlic, onion, and many more. Do you know anything about arrowroot?

Arrowroot or “Uraro” in Filipino is a herbaceous plant commonly used for the starch from the root and rhizome (the underground stem) in making food and medicine.


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In the Philippines, Uraro is being produced majorly from the Southern Luzon region. The island region of Marinduque is among the biggest producers of uraro products. The starch from it is commonly used in food like cornstarch. Also, Marinduque’s famous delicacy, the “uraro cookies”.

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Here are Nutrition Facts of Arrowroot

NutrientRaw Arrowroot (100 gm)
Calcium6 mg
Carbohydrates13 g
Dietary fiber1 g
Folate338 mcg
Iron2.2 mg
Magnesium25 mg
Manganese0.2 mg
Phosphorous98 mg
Potassium454 mg
Protein4 g
Selenium0.7 mg
Sodium26 mg
Vitamin A19 IU
Vitamin B10.1 mg
Vitamin B20.1 mg
Vitamin B31.7 mg
Vitamin B60.3 mg
Vitamin C1.9 mg
Zinc0.6 mg

Benefits of Arrowroot to the Body according to Organicfacts:

Circulation Issues
The mixture found in arrowroot has high levels of copper and iron. These two minerals are needed by the red blood cells, making arrowroot very good for preventing anemia that could lead to weakness, cognitive disorders and fatigue. Since circulation is good, the whole body is benefitted by the right oxygenation.

Metabolic Processes
Because of the high concentration of vitamin B of arrowroot, it becomes “an important enzymatic and metabolic substance.” The B-vitamin family works to improve the body processes more effectively.

Stomach Concerns
Arrowroot, being having a gluten-free substance, can prevent the “gastrointestinal discomfort, pain, and danger of people who are suffering from gluten intolerance.

Growth and Development:
Arrowroot has a high concentration of protein which is essential component of any diet. By increasing our dietary intake of plant proteins, “which are easier to process than animal proteins”, healthy growth and development is expected.

Weight Loss Concerns
“Arrowroot is extremely low in calories” compared to potatoes or cassava. Having high amounts of diataryfiber, it makes arrowroot a great part of a healthy diet. Arrowroot fills you up and gives you the minerals and vitamins your body needs.

Good for Babies
Arrowroot cookies are commonly used as teeth cutter in babies. Not only that, there’s no toxicity dangers in arrowroot. It can eve become an alternative for breast milk.

Now, it’s really beneficial when you’re consuming natural food, right? Thumbs up for healthy living!

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