You’ll Be Surprised That These Sculptures Are Actually Existing…Fascinating.

Public artworks like paintings, structures and sculptures serve various purposes to either covey strong messages to whoever sees it or attract people to visit a particular place where it is mounted.

Whatever the reason behind, these works could stop anyone from walking and eventually give him some thoughts to ponder of why and how or what.

If you travel around the world, you could definitely see different arts displayed at public that could surprise you with the artistic taste—that doesn’t except the sculptures that you could see.

And of all the sculptures, we have collected photos of various crafts which may look oddly satisfying to you. However, the story behind each is even more gratifying.

  1. Les Voyageurs

Sculpted by French artists Bruno Catalino, this sculpture evokes memories and parts of themselves that every traveler inevitably leaves behind whenever they leave a certain place for a new horizon.


  1. Transcendence

Mounted at the corner of a bricked building, the 11-foot-long sculpture of a salmon made by Keith Jellum was hand-fabricated in bronze. Portland, Oregon is known to have splendid salmon.


  1. The Architectural Fragment

Petrus Spronk made this in Melbourne, Australia to symbolize the downfall of the civilization while introducing to the brevity of the present.


  1. The Knotted Gun

Carl Fredrick Reutersward has only one thought in mind, to represent hope for a nonviolent future. Located in New York, the sculpture has been cited as one of the inspirations in the birth of the arms-to-art movement.


  1. Nelson Mandela

Marco Cianfanelli created this sculpture in celebration of the life lived by Mandela whose life is an inspiration to all generations. He mounted the work at where Mandela was captured by security police in 1962.


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