Australian YouTuber Draws Angry Netizens On His ‘Too Much’ Pranks With His Girlfriend – Really Irritating…

The Internet is a place where everyone can share their lives around the world. Many are posting photos, videos, and anything on websites. YouTube is a place where people can post their videos. But now, a YouTuber named Shammi has been hot in the eyes of netizens because of what he did with her gorgeous model girlfriend Sarah Reay-Young.

He’s been doing pranks that are looks very irritating and offensive to her girlfriend. People say that the girl doesn’t deserve a boyfriend like that. Take note, most of his pranks are done in public making it more humiliating for the girl

Here’s the video of a guy who does “over” pranks that made the netizens angry with him. This is just sad.

What do you think of that?
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Video from VIRAL.

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