The ‘Real’ Face Of Jesus Christ Revealed – This Could Be A Big Eye-Opener To The World

For all the Christians around the world, there’s just one face that everyone recognizes; the face of Jesus Christ. The distinct image used by the Roman Catholic Christians of Jesus looks like a man with a long, brown or blonde hair and with a white complexion. This seemingly contradicts to what the Bible says about the place where Jesus lived; in Israel, the Middle East.

As stated in the Bible, Jesus became a carpenter just like his earthly father Joseph. That means he should’ve darker complexion, dark eyes, and a masculine build. A retired medical artist named Richard Neave have recreated the ‘face’ of Jesus Christ using modern scientific techniques.


Neave studied Semite skulls which is very much similar to normal people who lived in the Northern part of Israel where Jesus lived according to the Bible.


Dr. Neave, from the University of Manchester in England, used a technique called forensic anthropology together with information from the Bible, then combined them all to make a portrait of Jesus.


The result of the 3D portrait looks like a man with a wide face, thick beard, short curly hair, and having hazel eyes. This is very far from the image recognized by the whole world.



Could this be the REAL FACE of the Son of God, Jesus Christ?


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(h/t: Daily Mail )

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