Ever Heard Of Microwave Poached Eggs? This One Looks And For Sure Tastes Yummy. Must Try.

Poaching an egg could be done using a strainer. But for sure that would sound a bit challenging especially in maintaining the texture of the eggs. That would work if you don’t have at least a choice.

But if you wanted to do it the faster way without compromising its texture, eggs could be poached through microwave. That sounds new, yes but guaranteed that the outcome would go as expected.

Preparing a breakfast for your kids could be a lot challenging. The least you could do perhaps when you are also busy is to prepare them with eggs. But add a little twist on your breakfast dish with microwave poached eggs.

The only things you need are small bowl or cup. Let this video guide you in how to prepare this microwave poached egg. This one would certainly be perfect in your breakfast table.

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Video from Helen Rennie

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