Someone Left This Baggage In The Side Of The Road…This Is How People Reacted.

It could have been a usual day at this high-street when this luggage was not left in the side of it, unattended. But for what reason it was left there, none was really particular of except of the crew who wanted to know how people would react toward it.

Honesty is one thing that could be taken for granted especially when no one else is around. It might be our strongest personality yet it could also be the feeblest.

At today, we honesty can never be trusted to just someone we don’t know. The worst is, even those we knew so well could not even be trusted. It happens, if not often.

But surprisingly in this honesty test, no one seemed to show interest on the boxes or even glanced at those second time. I hope people could be like this anywhere.

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Video from TheJapanChannelDcom

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