Unbelievable: China Is Set To Open The World’s Biggest Cloning Facility To Create Millions Of Animals A Year

China is known around the world for its massive production of almost everything you can buy. Not only that, there are lots of advancements that Chinese people are doing. A report on Yahoo! News SG that China will be constructing the world’s biggest cloning facility that is expected to produce millions of animals per year.

The purpose of this facility is not just to clone “gone” animals, but also to clone cattle for the meat market. It is funded 200 million yuan or about $31million by the Chinese biotechnology company called Boyalife and a South Korean company Sooam Biotech.

What can you say about that? Isn’t it alarming for people? How about the health issues?

cow clone1

Boyalife already produced about 100,000 cloned cows and is believed to increase to millions once the facility starts to operate.

cow clone2

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(h/t: Buzzflare )

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