The World’s Highest Glass-bottomed Suspension Bridge — Is It Really Safe?

The security and safety of the world’s highest glass-bottomed suspension bridge known, built in central China, was questioned after a glass panel began to crack suddenly, spreading alarm and panic. A reporter from Britain was called in to check the resistance of this glass-bottomed suspension floor bridge, and he did it to the sound of […]

Kenyan Woman Photoshopped Badly In Chinese Vacation Destinations Becomes And An Internet Star, Also Gets An All-Expense-Paid Dream Vacation There – See The Story

There are many hilarious and epic Photoshop fails on the Internet today. This includes the badly photoshopped picture series of a Kenyan woman named Seve Gat has caught the attention of netizens making her an Internet Star. Knowing that she couldn’t afford to go for a vacation in China, she just asked her friends to […]

Chinese Passenger Opens Emergency Exit On The Plane ‘To Get Some Fresh Air’ – Must See

A flight in China was delayed when a male passenger opened the airplane’s emergency exit door just “to get some air” moments before the scheduled take-off at Chendu, Sichuan province, south of China. The incident made the plane scheduled flight to be delayed for about an hour. The China Southern Airlines plane no. CZ3693 having […]

10 Fake Foods And Scams That Can Be Found In China, You Would Really Wish It Won’t Reach Your Plates

China is among the world’s largest producer of almost everything. Because of the cheap and enough workforce, companies are placing their factories in China resulting to massive profit to investors. But, the country is also now for its counterfeit or fake products ranging from bags, electronics, machines, and even food. That gives China a bad […]

Health Benefits Of Soy Sauce That Most Of You Didn’t Know Yet – Amazing

In every part of the world, there are so many kinds of food available. Also, in different parts of the world, there are different types of food preparations made. But, there is still similarities on these foods, all are using condiments to flavor them. Well, people really wanted to taste good food that’s why condiments […]

These Monkeys Seem To Make Women Envious With Their Pouty Red Lips – Unbelievable

There are many wonders in our world that surprises us every time. Because of the vastness of the species of animals roaming the Earth, no wonder we are being amazed by some which we saw the first time. In our society, women are very hooked into beauty regimens. They put lip sticks and other make-ups […]

Unbelievable: China Is Set To Open The World’s Biggest Cloning Facility To Create Millions Of Animals A Year

China is known around the world for its massive production of almost everything you can buy. Not only that, there are lots of advancements that Chinese people are doing. A report on Yahoo! News SG that China will be constructing the world’s biggest cloning facility that is expected to produce millions of animals per year. […]

Alleged Fake Rice Made Of Small Rolled Papers Discovered In China – This Is So Alarming…

Food is one of the most important needs humans should have. But, because of shortages, some people are doing anything just to stretch the supply. Months ago, the whole world especially the Asian region has been shocked by the news that Asia’s most common staple food, rice, is being faked with certain chemicals. Now, another […]

How To Make Siomai Or Chinese Pork and Prawn Dumplings Easily…Watch This Now…

There are so many food cultures that evolved in the world. Different kinds of food preparations and cooking and also using different ingredients. But, the ultimate goal is to satisfy the taste buds. Great influences of Chinese people can be experienced around the globe. Not only, because of their expertise in different fields but also […]

This Woman Travels 1,652 Miles And Pays $1,100 To Save Hundreds Of Dogs From China’s Yulin Festival- A True Hero

You’ve probably heard the dark secret of China about their consumption of dog meat. Every summer at every year, the city of Yulin has this barbaric festival known as ‘dog meat eating’ where nearly 10,000 dogs are killed and then consumed foe them to celebrate (It’s inhumane and I can’t hold my tears writing this). […]

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