Comfy Feet: 12 Stylish Ways To Wear Your Sandals Like Bringing Back Summer Days

It’s nice to go around the city when you’re wearing nice clothes and footwear. Of course, you have to feel comfortable at first and so you choose the coziest outfit in your closet. When it comes to footwear, style is a dig deal because people will likely look into your feet.

Summer is out but wearing sandals is still the best and most-loved (especially me). If you have few sandals to wear, make it like you have plenty by turning it into unique sandals as if you bought it on the shoe store. Here are 12 hot DIY ideas in styling your sandals that will go hand in hand with your painted nails!

1. Sling Sandals

sandals 1

2. Flip Flops

sandals 2

3. Shirt Sandals

sandals 3

4. Gladiator Sandals

sandals 4

5. Bow Sandals

sandals 8a

6. Ruffle Sandals

sandals 5

7. Leather Fringe Sandals

sandals 6

8. Braided Flip Flops

sandals 7

9. Bejeweled Sandals

sandals 12

10. Glitter Sandals

sandals 9

11. Fabric Flip Flop

sandals 10

12. Rope Heels

sandals 11

Which of these sandals you’d like to make and wear? Share us your thoughts by leaving a comment below and if you like this post, share this to your friends online to cheer them up like you always do. (H/T: Diply)

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