Glass Sky Pool: World’s First Ever Pool That’ll Make You Feel Floating Through The Air

Most of us would like to go at any length of the earth just to experience fun and go extreme from different sports and activities that will take our breathe away and chill our spine. For an instance, who wouldn’t want to go an extra mile just to try dipping the famous hot spring? to hike the steepiest mountain? or to swim the deepest pool?

Swimming alone is fun but when you’re enjoying a different location, it’s fantastic. There’s this deepest pool and now, developers at Ballymore unveiled a cool transparent “sky pool”. It’s made of glass and will be suspended 10-stories high between two apartment buildings in the Embassy Gardens development.

With this glass sky pool, you’ll feel like floating through the air in London! 🙂

sky pool 1

sky pool 2

sky pool 4


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