Spiders that Can Fly Discovered in the Jungles of South America

Some people are really afraid of spiders, they reasoned out that the reasons why they were afraid with such animals was because of their hairy appearances and the unique positioning of their legs aside from the fact that some of them were indeed venomous. There’s even a term for fear of spiders or arachnophobia.


We have learned that spiders crawls, jumps and swing from their webs but recent discoveries showed that spiders can fly according to the latest discovery revealed by a group of scientists studying the latest addition of the spider species.

According to the team of tropical arthropod ecologists from the University of Louiseville, led by a certain Stephan Yanoviak, his team have been searching and exploring the South American jungles for insects that can glide in the air with precision.


Stephan Yonoviak’s team stated that they discovered that spiders can hang and glide, they tried to climb some high trees in the Peruvian and Panamian forests to perform the drop tests.

Based upon the observations of experts, spiders gracefully steered and maneuvered  in mid-air showing some flying skills but the truth is that spiders can’t fly but they have a unique gliding behaviors.

Watch How the Spiders Fly in the Jungles of South America:

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H/T: DailyMail

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