12 Easy DIY Outfits That You Will Love To Make And Your Kids Will Love To Wear

Getting your kiddo something to wear is not an easy task for a parent. Of course, you have to spend money just to make sure that they look good on the clothes they wear. But as they grow old, their once-wore clothes are no longer in use because they quickly grow out of it. Buying them clothes again can be very expensive- which means you can’t be able to save money!

So what to do? Try recycling their old clothes by making them new just by simply sewing them again into different look. Yes, you heard it right; and through this, you’ll be saving money while your kid turns into a ‘fashionista’. Take a look at some of DIY outfits you can also make:

1. Adorable bubble skirt

These skirts are so adorable and have an elastic band waist so your kid can grow with them! Use floral, polka dots, or any other pattern you can think of!

sew ideas 1

2. Dinosaur tails are cool

Is your kid obsessed with dinosaurs? Do they like to pretend to be one? Why not make a fake tail to wear around the house. It’s also a great idea for a Halloween costume.

sew ideas 2

3. Skorts are easy to sew

If you’re not good at sewing, like me, then you’ll love this one because it doesn’t take a lot of skill. All you need to do is sew fabric around an existing pair of shorts or tights.

sew ideas 3

4. Accessorize with an infinity scarf

Keep your kid warm this fall with your very own infinity scarf. You can even make your own to wear, since you deserve it.

sew ideas 4

5. Customize your t-shirts

Screen printed T-shirts are very easy to do. They require no sewing whatsoever! They are also very cheap to make. Pick a design that you want on the shirt and follow this tutorial. If you don’t want to print the design on the shirt yourself,  you can get T-shirt designs printed for a decent price at the printing store.

sew ideas 5


6. Bandana bibs are stylish and serve a good purpose!

Is your baby drooling all over their clothes but you don’t want to cover up their cute outfit with a bib? Try these easy bandana bibs that can now be part of the outfit!

sew ideas 6

7. You can turn your old clothes into kid’s clothes!

Instead of throwing out your old clothes, there might be a way to re-use them! Take a skirt for example–all it needs is a little scissor and sewing action and you have a totally new outfit! Follow this tutorial to learn how you can make an old maxi skirt for your mini-me.

sew ideas 7

8. Transform tiny tights into stylish knee-high socks

You might have some old baby clothes laying around in the attic but you can still put them to good use! Turn any pair of small tights into fashionable socks that your kid can wear. Learn how to do it in 3 easy steps in the link below! Little sewing required for this outfit.

sew ideas 8

9. You don’t need to sew this fleecy poncho

Look at these adorable little ponchos. Don’t they look cozy? The great thing is that you don’t need to sew anything. This tutorial calls for a double layer of fabric to make the poncho reversible but you can choose to do a single layer if you want. You can make your poncho as long or as short as you want! A fleece blanket will make it extra cozy.

sew ideas 9

10. Make a basic dress out of a pillow case

You can make a cute little dress or nightgown out of a pillow case. It can be single layered like this one:

sew ideas 10

Or double layered if you’re a little more advanced

11. Turn a man’s tie into a little boy’s tie

Make your own tie instead of going out and buying one that your kid will probably never wear again. Just grab an old tie from dad’s closet or go to the thrift store to get one. Follow this easy tutorial to learn how!

sew ideas 11

12. Make cute hats from old T-shirts

You can make a cute unisex hat for your kid with an old T-shirt. Grab an old shirt, cut out the shape of the hat, and tie a knot on top. You can use fabric glue or sew; the choice is yours!

sew ideas 12

Which of these DIY outfits you’d like to make for your kid? Share us your thoughts by leaving a comment below and if you like this post, share this to your friends online to cheer them up like you always do. (H/T: Diply)

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