These Kids Really Proved That There Is Still Real Humanity Around – Lovely

Although the world has been going really stressful these days, there is still hope that can be found in humanity. Children, especially, have the most precious, true, and the most honest reactions one can see or experience. In these compiled photos of Bored Panda, it showed that there is still hope in humanity. Wow! And […]

Children Were Asked “Would You Rather…” Questions – Their Answers Were Precious…

In life, there are lots of things to be inclined and be given priority more than another. If you’d be asked between being rich and being happy, what would you choose? This is what kids ages 3 to 11 were asked in the Youtube channel, A Plus, about “Would you rather…” questions to examine whether […]

12 Easy DIY Outfits That You Will Love To Make And Your Kids Will Love To Wear

Getting your kiddo something to wear is not an easy task for a parent. Of course, you have to spend money just to make sure that they look good on the clothes they wear. But as they grow old, their once-wore clothes are no longer in use because they quickly grow out of it. Buying […]

Daddy Makes Mug Shots Of His Kids…Yes, Literal Mug Shots..So Creative…

Having a great time with children is one best thing like saying how much they’re important to parents. Many kids have lost their way because of the lack of time and attention given by their parents to them. Anyways, there are a lot of ideas in spending some quality time with kids. A dad named, […]

Amazing Kid From The Voice Kids Philippines Rocked The Judges During Auditions…Chills

From different talents and abilities, the Philippines has it all. From old ones to very young kids, talents in this country are over-flowing. You can see them in streets, in homes, schools, in transportation means, in malls, and some just took the stage to showcase talent. The Voice Kids Philippines 2015 has an ongoing audition […]

How These Five Adorable Boys Leave Their Tent Will Crack You Up With Laughter

Pretty sure you are familiar with domino effect. It is commonly known as ‘chain reaction’ wherein a set of events happened in similar manner. When one domino falls down, the same will follow. Domino effect cannot only be applied to things but to humans as well. On this video, you’ll be able to realize how […]

3-Chair Turner Audition At The Voice Kids Philippines – This Boy Could Be The Next Star…

The Philippines is a country the world has recognized not only because of it’s people, culture, and places but also because of talents. The Voice Kids Philippine Edition is undergoing the famous Blind Auditions. The judges/coaches of the show evaluate only the pure talent of the auditionee because their seats were turned back from the […]

Sleeping Kids Awaken By Surprise Hilarious Reaction Will Make Up Your Day

Kids are so adorable especially when you see them sleeping like an angel. But what happens if you surprise them in the middle of their sleep? Completely hilarious that will surely make you laugh. These adorable kids really know how to make you giggle without them consciously aware of what is really happening. This video […]

The Most Epic And Saddest Buzzer Beater Shot Ever

When we were kids, there are a lot of activities that we really enjoyed of doing together with our friends and classmates in school. Some of us enjoyed playing some sports for kids like basketball and compete with the other teams. Are you one of the guys who enjoyed playing this kind of game during […]

This Daddy In Pajama Shows Some Karate Skills

Our fathers are the once who really care about us, they’ll do all the things that could make us happy. They are the ones who will do hard work in order to give their family a good life, their love for their wife and children is truly priceless. Some dads do crazy and hilarious things […]

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