Finally, There’s PMS Flavorful Ice Cream That Perfectly Describe Women’s Emotions

Women are not on their own innate self whenever that disgusting and dreaded ‘time of the month’ comes in. It is one of the many disappointing week every month every girl suffers. When PMS gets through, there’s headaches, stomach cramps, zits breakout, mood swings and of course, stress eating.

Because of mixed emotions women endures every PMS, most ladies would love to grab some food while hurt kicks in and sweet, mouth-watering snacks like chocolates and ice cream is the ultimate choice. Parker Jones, Texas-based graphic designer thought of an idea of creating a series of clever ice cream labels that really speak to women’s emotions during PMS.

pms ice cream 1

pms ice cream 2


PMS Ice Cream comes in different flavors.

pms ice cream 3


There’s “Don’t Come Near Me” rocky road…

pms ice cream 4


The strawberry “I Think I’m Dying” saying…

pms ice cream 5


And the “I Need Some More” mint chocolate chip flavor…

pms ice cream 6


It also have the emotional stages of being on your period printed on their labels.

pms ice cream 7

pms ice cream 8

pms ice cream 9

pms ice cream 10


And that makes the PMS more satisfying and enduring.. 😀

pms ice cream 11


These ice-cream labels are (unfortunately) fictional.

H/T: EliteDaily

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