Here Are 11 Reasons Why Having A Cat As A Pet Is Good For You

If you think having a cat isn’t good for you, you’re wrong. They may be ‘smart’ like dogs, but they’re pretty good for your health. So, feline fans, rejoice! Cats are awesome too and like dogs, they can be your real best friend.

You might not know but there are enough reasons why you should get one and here are 11 of it. Check out why cats are considered best pets in your house.

1. They keep your heart healthy.

cat 1

2. They practically invented napping.

cat 2

3. They don’t let failure stand in their way.

4. Their purrs naturally calm your nerves.

cat 4

5. They’re all about the present moment.

cat 5

6. They make you laugh harder than you ever thought possible.

7. They teach us the importance of strategic decision-making.


8. They can help people with autism communicate.

cat 8

9. They support you in your battle with depression.


10. They know it’s alright to go berserk every now and then.

11. They crush feelings of loneliness with unconditional love.

cat 11

H/T: HuffingtonPost

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