Wonderful Time-Lapse Video Of Mother’s Life With Her Three Kids For 1,678 Days

Nothing can ever compare how great a mother’s love. For all many jobs in the world, being a mother is the most timeless and very rewarding role. You get to know you’re blessed when you’re a mother and no one can buy it from you.

What is it like to be a mother to be exact? Is it just about taking good care of kids and feeding them? We get to know mothers around the corner and we know how their day looks like. But what about exactly four years and a half? Here’s a beautiful time-lapse video of motherhood:

So that’s what it takes to be a mother! It’s more than you could actually think of. A mother’s role if purely undefeated- doing all the household chores, cooking for your kids, taking your young one to sleep, playing with them, and everything! A mother indeed is a superwoman who unexplainably can do things more than you could possibly imagine.

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