10 Geekiest Yet Romantic Weddings

Wedding. It’s the most special moment of every person in the world can treasure. Of course, for that special day, we want to have that elegant look with the right man/woman we’ll get marry- the right theme, motif, flowers, place and dress: a perfect wedding!

But like what they say, it’s not about the wedding but the couples falling in love. For some, they want their wedding to be unique and different and so they come up with themes based on romantic love stories they love. Here are 10 of the geekiest weddings:

1. In the Red Room: Twin Peaks

geek wedding 1


2. Impeccably 1960s: Mad Men

geek wedding 2

3. Goblet of fire: Harry Potter


geek wedding 3

4. The one ring: Lord of the Rings


geek wedding 4

5. The Tardis and all: Doctor Who


geek wedding 5


6. Catching Fire: Hunger Games

geek wedding 6


7. Masked and caped: Batman

geek wedding 7

8. Star Wars


geek wedding 8


9. Princess bride: Disney-Themed Wedding

geek wedding 9

10. Vampire diaries: Twilight


geek wedding 10

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