Mailman Spends At Least 33 Years Collecting Pebbles On His Route To Build This Structure

From an ordinary mailman into a sculpture, Ferdinand Cheval just prove to the world that he could be more than a mailman after venturing into artistry and introducing his grandeur masterpiece whom he called as Le Palais Idéal (The Ideal Palace).

According to him, sheer determination and his ambition to create something he has never done before motivated him to do this structure.

Ferdinand spent at least 33 years of constructing the phenomenal structure which is installed in Hauterives in France. He is used to travel for 18 mile a day as he delivers mail.

The Ideal Place-14 The Ideal Place-1 The Ideal Place-2 The Ideal Place-3 The Ideal Place-4 The Ideal Place-5 The Ideal Place-6 The Ideal Place-7 The Ideal Place-8 The Ideal Place-9 The Ideal Place-10 The Ideal Place-11 The Ideal Place-12 The Ideal Place-13

He was inspired upon making the structure after he tipped on a stone figure and each day after that incident, he’d pick up some pieces of pebbles which he first placed inside his pocket to a basket then on a wheelbarrow. He finished the structure at the age of 70 in 1924.

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