20 Stunningly Created Artworks Made Of Rubik’s Cube By Cubeworks

If most of us are wondering what can we do with a Rubik’s Cube aside from solving it, take a look on this post as collective artist from Toronto known as Cubeworks.

You will surely not believe it but they utilize hundreds of pieces of Rubik’s Cube into magnificent and stunning works of art.

Just scroll down for you to see what figures they made from Rubik’s Cube.

#1. Hot Licks

Rubik's Cube Art-20

#2. Joker

Rubik's Cube Art-19

#3. Scarlett Johansson

Rubik's Cube Art-18

#4. Batman

Rubik's Cube Art-17

#5. Super Mario Characters

Rubik's Cube Art-16

#6. Spiderman

Rubik's Cube Art-15

#7. The Dogs

Rubik's Cube Art-14

#8. Abbey Road

Rubik's Cube Art-13

#9. Superman

Rubik's Cube Art-12

#10. Spongebob Squarepants

Rubik's Cube Art-11

#11. Evil Clown

Rubik's Cube Art-10

#12. Iron Man

Rubik's Cube Art-9

#13. Starry starry Night

Rubik's Cube Art-8

#14. I hope you’ll have something to say about this guy.

Rubik's Cube Art-7

#15. Freddie Mercury of Queen

Rubik's Cube Art-6

#16. Reggae phenomenon Bob Marley

Rubik's Cube Art-5

#17. Sir Albert Einstein

Rubik's Cube Art-4

#18. Pow! When someone hits you on the face.

Rubik's Cube Art-3

#19. Elvis Presley or known as “King of Rock and Roll”

Rubik's Cube Art-2

#20. Falling into pieces

Rubik's Cube Art-1

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H/T: Distractify

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