Turn Your Old Guitar Body Into One Of A Kind Piece Of Home Decor

Building any musician instrument is quite hard unless you have any background or trained in yourself in making one before. Real musicians are not only studying on how to play their instruments, but also learning how to fix it once they encounter some technical problems.

One of the most common musical instruments that are played by professionals is the guitar. Great and quality guitars are expensive, and that is the reason why you need to take care of this once you bought one. But what can you do once you’ve a damaged or irreplaceable one?

Instead of throwing it away, you can turn your old guitar body into a home décor. Learn how to make a guitar body shelving unit by following these steps, check this out.








This kind of project is truly fun and looks cool to do. You’ll surely impress and surprise you other musician friends once you do this hack on your old guitar, what do you think?
(h/t: viralnova)

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