This Kid Really Loves To Dance “Work” By Rihanna, Even Asleep – Watch This

Children nowadays have been inclined with different kinds of music and other media. There are many famous music that are coming out of nowhere that makes people, especially children, to dance with the music. One proof is this little girl who has been awaken after hearing the song “Work” by Rihanna. A man tried to […]

This Lovely Kid Has Better Dancing Moves Than You (Video)

Children are just adorable especially when they do certain things that may seem hilarious in the eyes of the adults. They do know about being shy, most of the time. Some children just dance their moves or even sing from their hearts when they hear music. Children are just awesome and lovely! Just like this […]

Mom Knows How To Beat , Jaw-Droppingly Plays The Drum – This Is Incredible

Music is such an influential force in the world. People go crazy just to see their loved artists. Musicians just give their heart and passion in what they do. And there’s a saying that music never grows old. Indeed, this is what a Mom have proven in the video posted by the YouTube channel of […]

Drummer Performs On Upside Down Roller Coaster For A New Year Show – Unbelievable

Music is really an influential thing in this world. It seemed to have a magical power because people are just becoming crazy whenever they hear certain popular song. No wonder how musicians have become famous. We have seen and heard many bands before. They are known for their master-liked playing of instruments. A well-known band […]

This Band Just Did A Really Amazing Rendition Of The Star Wars Theme Song – Worth Your Time

Have you seen the Star Wars movie before? This iconic film, just like other films has a theme song that is recognizable to the audience. There are many musicians and artist who made a rendition of the Star Wars’ theme song. Recently, a rock band named Galactic Empire made their own rendition. The guys are […]

Behold, The Ultimate Drum Battle You’re Going To See – Rock On…

Anyone here who loves music? Well, many are just fond of listening and playing music. Music is just a really powerful force in the world. Many have become successful and rich because of it. In order to produce music, you need an instrument like a drum set Playing drums in a band requires great skill […]

Incredible: Guy Plays Music Using A Lap Skate Guitar – You’ve Never Seen Like This Before

Music is just everywhere. In nature, the sounds produced by animals, trees, the wind, and others can be a form of music. It can also affect how a human being would act, think, feel, and move. Music is produced using musical instruments such as a guitar. Many of us have seen a guitar, right? But, […]

Goosebumps Alert: Star Wars’ Symphony Sang in Acapella By Pentatonix During The American Music Awards 2015 – Truly Amazing…

Music is such a very powerful force in our world. It can affect a person’s emotions, reactions, thoughts and feelings. That’s why, there are so many artists who became really famous and successful in the career they’ve chosen. Each year, the American Music Awards have been recognizing these talents. Recently this year, the world-famous acapella […]

Road Contractors Made A Fascinating Real Musical Road, The Reason Behind It Is Just Genius…

Many people are passing the roads day after day. But, one cannot just speed up like there’s tomorrow. Driving is just a great responsibility. Lives are at stake. That’s why, authorities have made speed limits to avoid or lessen unnecessary incidents. Road contractors from the San Bar Construction Corp. have found a solution for drivers […]

Unbelievable Pug Performs A Drum Cover Of The Song “Enter Sandman” By Metallica – Mind-Blowing

Anyone of you who has pets at home? You can count me in. Having pets at homes is really a great experience, right? Do you remember every time your pet dog welcomes you with its wiggling tail? Yes, that only shows how your pet loves you. Dogs are known to be capable of learning different […]

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