This Russian Demonstrates His Siphon Water Project

Science is always been great to us. Because of Science, we could learn and discover new things on our surrounding. Indeed, science can almost answer all questions related on earth. For some students, science is one of the best subjects at school. Aside from learnings that we can get, science also give us great experience by making experiments. Like what this Russian guy did on video below how Siphon Water Pump experiment works.

In this video from CrazyRussiaHacker (channel) on YouTube, you’ll witness how this Russian creates Siphon on his own way. According to Wikipedia, Siphon is a wide variety of devices that involve the flow of liquids through tubes. With the use of some major materials like plastic straws, bottle and glasses, he successfully did it and show what Siphon is. Watch the video below.

There are some science experiments and activities which are not done in school, that is why this video is created for us to be more broad the in the world of discovery and experimentation.

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