Here’s What Will Happen If Boiled Wax Meets Water

If you are always watching videos on YouTube, you must be familiar of the channel “CrazyRussianHacker.” This popular YouTube channel became famous because of its practical and very useful life tips and tricks. But today, this channel features also science experiments. On its latest upload, the CrazyRussianHacker showed what happens when boiled wax meets water. […]

Proof That This Hot Beverage Can Boost Memory And Brain Health – Must Know

Every morning, people would love a sip from their favorite hot beverage. This is commonly done to have a boost and a rejuvenating start for the busy day. Among the most common hot beverages that people love to drink is a cup of hot chocolate. Well, regardless of any age, who doesn’t love to drink […]

Physicist Fires Weapon On Himself Underwater – What Happened Next Is Just Unbelievable

Human beings are just always in a quest to know and discover new things. Yes, we really wanted to prove something. But, in order to achieve that, that theory must go on various experiments for proof. This is what a Physicist named Andreas Wahl have done in order to show that it would be very […]

Physicist Proves A Physics Law By Doing An Experiment Involving Himself – Unbelievable

Of all the discoveries and researches made, science is the one that’s involved in there. Science, combined with the curiosity of people, many things have been known to man. But, in order to prove these laws and theories, there should be a proof. This is what physicist named Andreas Wahl have done to prove a […]

This Is What Painting Using A Spinning Drill Looks Like In Ultra Slow-Mo – Mesmerizing

All of us are really curious about things in this world. That curiosity led to many discoveries that changed the world. Are you wondering if we have been given time to do experiments in school? Now, you’re going to see a really mesmerizing scene showing a paint spinning drill in super slow-mo. The Slow Mo […]

Here’s A Cool Thing To Do With Steel Wool – Worth A Try

People on Earth are just very curious about many things in this world. That’s the reason why things have been discovered. Yes, no wonder why children were being exposed in science experiments. Even in our age, we can still do and discover new things. This is what a YouTuber Crazy Russian Hacker shared on his […]

Brace Yourself For The Underwater Candle…Yes, Now Learn How To Make One – This Is So Easy

In our early days at school, there are activities that can really capture our attention like science experiments. We are all curious on things that are happening around us. For example, how can a candle continue to be aflame even it’s underwater? Hmmm…Simple idea. As the candle wax melts, it creates a temporary barrier disabling […]

This Guy Will Show You How To Make A Mesmerizing Cloud At Home

Doing various experiments definitely amazed and impressed us after seeing its incredible result. In making such experiment you may find it difficult sometimes, however, there are brilliant people in this world who amazingly shared their ideas with others in order to help and inspire to create their own experiments. It’s really good to know that […]

What He Created After Pouring Molten Metals Into Water Will Mesmerize You

Even if there are so many fabulous experiments, I assure you that the type of experiment created by this guy will surely stand out among the rest as he amazingly managed to pour molten metals into the water. Watch and be amazed how this guy amazingly poured 7 different metals into a 24″ tall aquarium […]

Look What Kind Of Magic Happened To This Soap Bubble In The Freezing Cold

It’s nice to come up with experiments especially when you’re too curious about what will happen to a certain matter. Commonly, people love to play outside when temperature drops below freezing, but some take the chance to do some cool tricks. That what Chris Ratzlaff did when everything around him turned into cold. Without thinking […]

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