Elephant Warns The People On The Car

Indeed, elephant is one of the biggest animal-land living on earth. There are lots of elephant species in different nations worldwide especially in Africa and India. This animal has been a good pal for long years of service to the human being and of being a servant and also a friend. With this, there’s already a rule of keeping this population in safe or being in hand by people like in zoos. . But despite of being friend, this animal also included on the wildest animals in the world all because of its huge size especially the horn that could take someone’s life.

Like on the video below how the elephant threats the people on the car. In Uttarakhand, India, you’ll witness the people’s reaction when elephant runs into them as one girl suddenly jump off the car. Watch the video below.

Lucky for them it was just a warning. We will leave your opinion and reaction about this happening by dropping a comment down below.

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