Al Horford Drives Baseline And Blow Aways Anyone Who Is On His Way

Indeed, basketball is the most well-known sport invented in our history. Throughout the years, NBA has been the powerhouse of outrageous basketball players, and of course people are really embracing every updates and games the associations are serving to people. With this, people around the world gets updated of the live actions happening on the court. Aside from the association those important ingredients that give life to the story of the association are the amazing players of NBA. Just like Al Horford is always included on the list which belongs to the newest basketball stars on NBA.

In this official channel of NBA on YouTube, you’ll witness the great action of Al Horford. This Center/Power forward player that currently playing to Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association. Al Horford had been a good basketball player for almost 8 years on NBA and showing incredible plays like on the video below.

He really nailed the Toronto Raptors all because of his powerful dunk as he drives baseline and destroys anyone who’s in his way. Two thumbs up for Al Horford!

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