This Elephant Was Cleaning The Trash & He Was Caught By The Camera

There are times and there are really people who don’t want to be seen in every good deed they will do for something or someone. As such, what they want is just to help others without expecting something in return. And that is actually so cute and sweet right? Are you like that too?

Like this elephant. As the story goes, it seemed that this elephant was caught by a camera doing something interesting. You know what it is? Yeah, the elephant is actually cleaning the trash on that certain place where no one is around. Wonder how he do it? Watch the video below.

As you’ll see, the elephant was near the tree on the first part of the video. But as it goes, the elephant comes closer to the trash can then started to clean the trash that was scattered on the floor. And actually, you’ll like how this elephant did his effort just to make the place as clean as it is. And thinking that he’s an elephant? He must really be smart. What do you think?

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