Drone Captures Chilling View Of Chernobyl, An Abandoned City

Back in 1986, one of the worst Nuclear Power Plant disasters in the history, which occurred in Chernobyl has brought so much burden to Ukrainian citizens, forcing around 49,000 residents to evacuate. Until now, the City remains to be uninhabited due to the effect of nuclear explosions.

Cinematographer Danny Cooke was able to capture the view of Chernobyl and the hunting place it’s become more than 25 years after the explosion. While working for CBS News, he was able to visit Chernobyl and filmed the city using his drone. In the footage, the abandoned parks and schools, the shops and even the toys that children left were seen. Watch the chilling video below.

According to Danny Cooke, Chernobyl is one of the most interesting but most dangerous places he have been. He also said that his visit was a life-changing and that, he will never forget the sights he have seen.

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