This Flip Ship Will Make You Think That It Is Sinking. But Actually, It’s Not.

If we see ships which flips, we come to conclusions that this ship is about to sink. As such, this was all because of the fact that we are already used to see ships which are on the horizontal position. In other words, all sides are similar to each other.

But as you’ll see this flip ship, you really see the difference. Well, this ship is known to be the RV Flip which is a 700 ton ship measuring 355 feet. This one is owned by the Office of Naval Research and is made to be used for open ocean research. Witness how it pitch backward at about 90 degrees on the video below.

In the end, you can really be proud at the same time shock on what technology had brought to us from this very moment. Perhaps, as the time goes by, the technology is also developing making our lives easier and very different to the past. Somehow, this is also and indication that change is really constant in our life.

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