Witness How Disneyland Prepares For The Holidays. You’ll Surely Want To Rush Christmas

We all know Disneyland as a theme park that is quiet different to the other theme parks all over the world. In fact, almost people wished and wanted to go there. As such, they too want to experience the feeling of joy, excitement and satisfaction when they will be there.

Since Christmas Season is already fast approaching, do you have any idea on how they prepares for that special day? Of course, they really wanted that the Disneyland experience will be one of the kind this Christmas Season.

As such, let me show you how they do it. In the video, they are preparing their giant Christmas tree. And actually, the Christmas tree is not the usual one you see every year. This is extra ordinary, it is a giant one. Look at how it looks like on the video below.

The construction of the said Christmas tree started at 12:30 A.M. and it is 60 feet tall. Not only that, there’s also over 300, 000 lights used to light that certain place. In addition, because of the fact that the said tree is so big, it splits in two part.

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