Ever Wonder If How Math Problems Derived From Certain Answers? This One May Help.

There are really certain things in life that we can’t explain and we can’t understand. Perhaps, we even do extra efforts just to answer our curiosity. And of course, because of our efforts, we can get that answer that we really want.

Like those of how to solve some math problems. Somehow, it is really not enough to just know it or the steps on how it is solved. As such, in order for it to be understood well you too have to understand why is that done that way.

With that, let me show you this video of solving the math problem for (a+b)²=a²+2ab+b². Indeed, we actually know how to solve it. But do you know exactly why it is done that way or how did it arrive to that answer? Watch the video below.

As such, it looks like his students are also curious on why it is done that way and why the answer goes that way. So then, the teacher did the effort to explain it to his students in the best possible way. As it goes, it looks like his students understand it, somehow.

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