Don’t Think That Dreams Are Not Essential In Our Lives. This Might Happen If We Don’t Dream. Oh, Really? OMG!

Some loves to dream. It is the only part of their life that they can achieve things that seems to be very hard for them to reach. It is the only time of their life in which they can be with that guy they dream to have. It’s not the only reason, there are actually lots of it.

But have you ever think of that time in which you stop on dreaming. What do you think will happen then? A video from BuzzFeed will answer that question.

Dreams visit all of us in the time we sleep. Though it’s not that super interesting some time, we should need to bear with it anyway. On some instances, dreams are just side effects of our brains in which we don’t need that much.

But then, if we stop on dreaming, that would perhaps mean that our brain stopped on working. Oh My! Perhaps, dreams can actually help you in problem solving.

Watch the video below.

Dreams are also essential for learning. It is because of the fact that learning depends on memory. Also, dreams helps us to form memories.

So if dreams don’t exist in this world, it is possible that you couldn’t remember anything. That simply means that dreams are actually good for you. But what if it is about nightmares?

Learn something in this video. Thanks for watching!

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