Watch How This Gigantic Wave Knocked Bystanders. Oh, My! How Come They Didn’t See It Coming?

Natural phenomena are not a man-made events; they are bizarre things seldom seen but are often taken for granted. We may occasionally marvel at the golden sunset, gaze at the twinkling stars at night or maybe ponder at the unusual cloud formations, but many times, these amazing wonders of our nature tend to go unnoticed.

In China’s Zhejiang province, locals and tourists gather on the banks of Qiantang River to witness the spectacular tidal bore which occurs every eighteenth day of the eighth lunar month. This year, it happened on August 12 where hundreds of eager people have flocked to see the “much awaited” tidal wave. But unexpectedly, they got a much up close view when the wave to a powerful surge and washed over them, sweeping them off their feet.

The shocked onlookers run away and took cover from the monster wave while others who were not lucky enough to escape sooner were drenched by the gigantic wave.

Here’s a video which shows some amazing photos of the gigantic wave:

And here’s the actual footage:

The mouth of the Qiantang River, which catches the sight of huge waves were created by the incoming tides from the East China Sea, is believed to be the world’s largest that could generate waves of up to 11.5 feet high.

These bystanders surely did see the waves coming, they just did not expect it would be enormous to go past the bank barrier and knock them off.

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