She’s Finally Reunited With Her Dog After Being Deployed For A Year! Happy Ending!

What does it feel to be reunited with someone who means a lot to you? What a day, I must say!

Capt. Jessamyn Jempson is just one of the many people outside that left somebody who means a lot to her… her dog Emma. Jess works in the military, so when she was deployed for a year, her big problem was who will take good care of Emma knowing that she’ll be gone for a long period of time?

But the Dogs On Deployment, which helps match military pets with foster parents, found a foster mom Sylvia to take good care of Emma while Jess was gone. And finally, after the long wait, Emma welcomes home her owner and they’re back with each other’s arms.

Get your tissues ready for Jess and Emma’s reunited moment will surely wet your eyes!

Feels so damn good about them!

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