This Man Showcased His Magic Tricks With Dogs. Their Reactions? Rib-Tickling, Extremely Funny!

As a human, how would you react to a magic trick?

Jose Ahonen, a Finnish magician got curious about something which for most people is a bit out of the norm. It’s a given that Ahonen can trick humans with his magic.

Jose Ahonen

But what about dogs? Do dogs react to magic? Yes, even puppies can fall for sleight of hand, and their reactions to Ahonen’s antics are pretty hilarious.

Magic for Dogs

 Dumle faces the camera looking puzzled. “Did you where the treat is?”
 Elsa looks at Ahonen as if to say, “Please, give me the treat. Don’t hide it.”
Gado sniffs Ahonen’s hands hinting the treat was hidden somewhere there.
 Nakke seems to be disappointed after knowing the treat was all gone.
 Nino sniffs the floor thinking the treat might have fallen.
Salli gets angry and barks at Ahonen for fooling her.
 Taisto looks shocked realizing how sudden the treat disappeared.
Torsti appears to be annoyed with Ahonen hiding the treat.

Watch the video below to see the hilarious perplexed reactions of these hounds to Ahonen’s magic trick.

As written in the description of the video, “all the dogs got treats before and after the trick”.

The video has already gained over 7 million views.

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