This Cat Was Once Abandoned to Death. After Getting Rescued, He Became a Heart Stealer. Find Out How He Stole Mine!

Doopey-looking 5-year-old Jarvis P. Weasley, is a crossed-eyed cat who was abandoned by his first owner when he was just 4 weeks-old.

But luckily, he was rescued by Oakland Animal Services in California and ended up at the Saving Grace Rescue where Daria Kelly, a cat lover, was volunteering. He was later brought home, nursed and brought back to health by Ms. Kelly.

One of veterinary technicians Amber Holly said, “Jarvis came in a cross-eyed, snot-nosed, squinty yet adorable mess, but sadly kittens with an upper respiratory at a government shelter do not last long.”

Awful Jarvis dumped in a street


Though his arrival in Ms. Kelly’s house was only meant to be temporary, Jarvis’ blissfulness took her and she couldn’t even bear to be apart from him.

Jarvis P. Weasley with his killer look


“I just remember him standing out because, though he was very sick, he always seemed so happy, and his face never fails to make me smile. One day I was watching him jump for joy in his cage, seemingly over nothing. I took it to be pure happiness.”

Jarvis gets ready for playtime


Just as memorable as Jarvis’ expression is his name. Ms. Kelly named him after a visually impaired Pulp front man Jarvis Cocker and a fictional Harry Potter character Ron Weasley who’s also a singer.

Jarvis smartly dressed up as as part of his namesake Harry Potter’s Ron Weasley


Strabismus is the medical term when the eye appears to look off at a different angle, unable to focus in the same direction as the other eye. This can occur with one, or both eyes. As with Jarvis’ case, it’s both eyes.

 Jarvis trying to read an eye test chart which reads, “My name is Jarvis P Weasley Helloe”


Strabismus, also referred to as crossed eyes, is caused by an imbalance of extraocular (outside of the eye) muscle tone, or it may be caused by something decreasing the mobility of the muscles surrounding the eye.

 Jarvis charmingly poses for a captivating shot after having successfully read the eye test chart

 Jarvis the cross eyed cat

The time Jarvis was dumped on the side of the road as a kitten, his chances of survival looked slim. He’s maybe waiting to take his final breath.

Despite his tempestuous early years, Jarvis doesn’t appear to hold any grudges


‘He is so happy-go-lucky! He has always had a zest for life, even when he was tiny and sick. He’s cuddly, playful, mischievous and very friendly,’ said Daria.

Jarvis P. Weasley, the once forsaken cat because he was crossed-eyed, is now enjoying a new lease of life, looking happy and spoiled, together with his new family.

He may have a lazy eye, but he is happy and absolutely loves life that’s why it’s really hard not to fall for him. He looks so adorable with that dopey-looking expression on his face.

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