The Voice Italy Judges Loved Her Voice. When They Turned Around to See Who It Was…OMG. God Bless You Sister

The judges of “The Voice Italy” experienced one of their best moments on live television as they witnessed one of the remarkable performance by a singing woman whom they don’t realized she was a nun, not until they turned their respective chair around.

Watch How The Voice Italy Judges stunned when they realized one of their contestant was indeed a Nun:

The Voice is considered as one of the most popular singing competition in the world, and the best part of the show is that the judges cannot see the person singing, resulting in judgement on “the voice” alone, which is considered as genius.

The woman behind the singing voice is the now popular, 25-year-old Catholic nun, identified as Sister Cristina Scuccia from the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family in Milan.

She appeared on state on a black dress, head covering, and cross necklace, as soon as she started singing, the crowd erupted. It didn’t took long for the judges to decide and after 35 seconds into her song that two of the judges turned around and visibly stunned, moments later the other two judges also turned around.

Sister Cristina Scuccia performed the song popularized by Alicia Keys titled “No One.” She successfully moved on to the next round of the competition. 

The Voice Italy Singing Nun

Here’s some of The Voice Moments Captured on GIF:

The Voice Italy

Singing Nun Italy


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