Little Boy Laughing Adorably At His Daddy Blowing Away Dandelions

There’s no better precious moment for parents but being able to spend a day with their kids playing, teaching, having fun with so much laughter. At any angle we see, being a parent is awesome.

Each parent is obliged to give their kid time (whatever how) and most father would spend their moment with children in respective to what their kids like just like how this father, Tom Fletcher, spends his time with his adorable son, Buzz. And here’s their cute bonding moment featuring dandelions. Watch how contagious Buzz laugh is:

Oh, no. Buzz’s laugh made me laugh so hard. I think he’s the kid with the most cutest and adorable laugh. It’s too contagious and I’m sure you did laugh about it too. Pretty sure, Buzz will never forget with his Father and with beautiful dandelion flowers when he grows up. Thanks for the smile, Buzz!

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