Best Way To Lull Babies! This is Awesome…

This happens too rare! Look, dads had the chance to sway their babies in the beat of Wild Cherry’s ‘Play That Funky Music’. This is so awesome! To lull and bond at the same time is totally a kind think to do for dads. You might extend your father’s day celebration with this one. This […]

Here’s The Fastest Way To Remove Your Kids’ Boots With No Hands – Funny But, Helpful

It’s the winter season already! And we’ll be facing different circumstances during these times. During winter, we need to protect ourselves from the cold weather and the snow. You don’t want to catch cold, right? That’s also the reason why we let our children wear warming clothes and boots. Removing boots of children could be […]

Kid Asks His Mom $20 For Him To Tell The Secret Of His Dad – You Won’t Expect What Happened Next…

Children are said to be “always” telling the truth. Well, not all the time. Kids can be so tricky at times that you’ could be trapped in their gimmicks. If they want something, they will do almost anything just to get it. This is what happened in a story being told below about a mother […]

Dad Leaves His Wheelchair To Walk His Daughter Down The Aisle, So Heart-Warming…

When the wedding day of a daughter has come, every dad wanted to be the one to walk their daughter down to aisle towards a new beginning. Even in different circumstances that a dad may face, he will do anything just to be in that big day. This is what a dad did when he […]

See What Happens When Dads Fix Their Daughter’s Hair For The First Time

As a rock in the family, a Father will always do everything for the benefit of his wife and children. No matter how tiring it may be to earn money for the family to survive, a Father doesn’t think about that and continue to struggle as long as it keeps his family happy. That’s how […]

Little Boy Laughing Adorably At His Daddy Blowing Away Dandelions

There’s no better precious moment for parents but being able to spend a day with their kids playing, teaching, having fun with so much laughter. At any angle we see, being a parent is awesome. Each parent is obliged to give their kid time (whatever how) and most father would spend their moment with children […]

This Daddy In Pajama Shows Some Karate Skills

Our fathers are the once who really care about us, they’ll do all the things that could make us happy. They are the ones who will do hard work in order to give their family a good life, their love for their wife and children is truly priceless. Some dads do crazy and hilarious things […]

Dad Hilariously Pranks His Son In Going To School At 8 PM

Do you sometimes do things without looking at the clock? That you are so excited for the next day that you didn’t notice what time really is? Well, that can sometimes happen especially when you’re too tired from work or school. Take this boy for an instance who woke up after several hours of sleeping; […]

16 Hilarious Things Dads Do That Will Make You Laugh Hard

Dads always find a way to make their children happy; they’ll do great to give all the material things needed by their little kids. Our father is the ones who work hard to send us in good schools, but did you know that there are also clever and amusing things that our dads can do? […]

Daughter Secretly Films Her Dad As They Sing “The Closer I Get To You”

Parents nowadays are busy in their daily jobs and most of them doesn’t have time to bond with their children, but there are also moms and dads who schedule sweet activities for their children. If you love seeing some sweet videos of father and daughter bonding, here is a viral one that you shouldn’t miss […]

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