wrong spelling

30 Worst Spelling Mistakes Ever, #15 Is Embarrassingly Funny!

Making mistakes may be unpleasant although potentially useful. Since we are human, they are also inevitable.  BoredPanda has collected a hilarious wrong spelling that will serve as a friendly reminder to you to always check your text before publishing. Here are some of the funny mistakes that will make your day!   1. Worst Spelling Mistakes Ever […]

Here Are 37 Epic Fails Of Grammatical Error And Spelling That Will Let You LOL. #34, Are You Serious? Uh-Oh!

We’re not perfect. Yes. And it’s pretty normal when we make tiny piece of mistake even in a simple piece of something. One of the most common mistakes we’re doing in everyday of our lives is in writing- spelling and grammar to be specific. I know it’s a bit hard to put one’s thought in […]

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