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Street Performer Shows Off Amazing Slinky Skills. Just Impressive.

If you think slinky is just for kids to play with when they are bored, you are definitely wrong. In fact, this amazing toy is also for adults but most especially for those who would want to get extra money from it. You read it right. This guy is fond at playing at his slinky, […]

When The Traffic Light Runs Red, This Man Takes Over Of The Street For A Big Show.

The traffic light was basically designed to control the traffic over a busy street. Each color has certain function to inform every motorist while taking down the street. When the light turns red, it simply means everyone in the lane should stop. But for this guy, when the light turns red, it is the time […]

This Magician Knows Where Would You Want To Go Now – Incredible…

In the streets, we often find performers doing different things. They dance, sing, do magic, and other acts the world hasn’t seen yet. One of the most common performers in the streets were magicians. Magicians do tricks in front of people and people most of the time were amused. Rob Anderson, a magician in the […]

Creativity Level 999 : Incredible Spray Paint Art Made In The Street

All of us have been given different skills and talents. As we grow up, we continue to develop and discover more. Some of us might have unique skills developed through experience, practice and time. In some of our streets, we can find street performers showing their art to people passing by. One of these is […]

This Old Lady And Her Dog Stops In Front Of A Street Performer To Do Something You’d Never Expect

We have seen a lot of performance over the internet, may it be a singing or dancing act, but not all of them are really worth-to-watch since they’re filled with common scenarios not unlike this viral video which garnered 1 million views on YouTube for only three days. In this clip, you’ll see the street […]

This Artist in Trafalgar Square Uses His Audience to Be Part Of His Performace

Street performers are truly incredible once they are doing their best to catch the attention of the crowd, we would often take time watching their whole performance once we see them in public. If you are a kind of person who loves watching unique tricks on streets, here is a video that you’ll surely love. […]

This Street Drummer Build His Drum Kit Consisting Of Buckets, Pots And Pans Like A Pro

Musicians are truly amazing once they show some incredible skills on public places; they’ll do all their best in order to catch our attention. Are you a kind of person who loves music and dreamed learning a lot of musical instruments? If you are, here is a video that will surely impress you because of […]

This Little Car Looks Simple. But Wait ‘Til You See What’s In It… It’s Just Simply Amazing!

Back when you were a child, do you remember watching “Transformers” and wishing they were real? Well, it can never be too late because there’s this video of a guy who has created a “Transformers” costume of his own. It’s easy to wear a costume and just walk around the street. But when that costume actually transforms […]

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