Street Performance

Street Performer Shows Off Amazing Slinky Skills. Just Impressive.

If you think slinky is just for kids to play with when they are bored, you are definitely wrong. In fact, this amazing toy is also for adults but most especially for those who would want to get extra money from it. You read it right. This guy is fond at playing at his slinky, […]

This Old Lady And Her Dog Stops In Front Of A Street Performer To Do Something You’d Never Expect

We have seen a lot of performance over the internet, may it be a singing or dancing act, but not all of them are really worth-to-watch since they’re filled with common scenarios not unlike this viral video which garnered 1 million views on YouTube for only three days. In this clip, you’ll see the street […]

How These Street Performers Used Their Hat While Dancing Is Really Amazing. This Is Really Worth Watching… As In!

There are lots of street performers on the streets that makes us smile. They also make us forget our problems for a short while. Sometimes, they also change the way we think about things. After which, we can say that not all extraordinary performance just exists on the stage. Actually, they already make this as […]

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