Husband Kept On Pranking His Wife Having Her Take The ‘Forever Pose’ – So Hilarious And Lovely…

Relationships are really amazing! Do you agree with that? When you spend time together with your loved one, it’s really turns to be a magical moment. Oftentimes, you’ll be very playful with your girlfriend/boyfriends by doing jokes and pranks. This is what a guy in the video shared by the Youtube Channel Go Periscope wherein […]

This Is How You Make A Selfie Stick By Yourself…Just Thank Me Later…

“Wait, let me take a SELFIE!” Well, that’s now a very famous word in today’s generation, the “selfie”. As we all know, a selfie is just taking a picture of yourself using, commonly with a phone. Selfies are are taken seriously that smartphone manufacturers are creating phones that are mostly dedicated to “selfie addicts”. Are […]

These Face Painting Portraits Will Make Us Feel Like We Can Conquer Anything

All of us need a little inspiration in our life, and that is the reason why we love watching some great videos and asking some advice to experts that gives us courage in facing life’s difficulties. If you need some great inspirational words in facing your problems, here are the works of Jessica Walsh you […]

How To Take The Best Facebook Profile Picture

Social networking is truly unstoppable nowadays; people holding their phones or facing their computers are doing a lot of stuff to just to post something on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Are you one of the guys who love changing your profile picture every time? If you are, you need to know some tips on […]

10 Extremely Disturbing Photoshop Edits You Need To See

There are a lot of photos in the internet that often gets our attention every time we go online in our account on Facebook and Twitter. People do a lot of photo edits to attract their friends online, some of us often get disgust and others get amazed. What do you think is the most […]

National Geographic Photographer Came Face-To-Face With A Leopard Seal

There are a lot of great water adventures that we dreamed of doing someday, and that is the reason why other people plan a lot of things on how to make it possible. One of the greatest sea adventures is capturing the life of creatures underwater. What do you think is the most wonderful animal […]

This Video Will Surely Make You Happy Once You’re Single

It is really nice to have someone in our lives that make us special every time, and that is the reason why we love having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. These guys are really special to us because they make our lives happier compared than before. But there are also people who choose to live […]

Look At This Before And After Photos. This Will Prove That The Awkward Years Isn’t Forever. Inspiring!

Have you been depressed because of your face, your hair or your looks? Look at this pictures and you’ll realize that it’s also the problem of every people. This 8 before and after photos of 8 individuals is shown to prove that awkward year will not last forever. No one should be bothered or get […]

These People Tossed Their Camera.. Not To Throw It Away, But To Take A Selfie Photo! Insanely Brilliant Idea! LMAO!

It’s no doubt and need no single explanation- technology has completely taken over our lives. Everywhere, almost everyone has smart phones loaded with different kinds of games, applications, and most of us, no matter what the social background is, got different SNS (Social Networking Sites) accounts- Google+, LinkedIn, Youtube, Skype, Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, […]

This Girl Loves To Draw And Take Mirror Selfies.. In Her Bathroom! Oh, She’s So COOL! LIKE!

It’s obvious that we’re now on digital age and people are now known to be ‘techies’- I think almost 90% of the World’s population nowadays got electronic gadgets like cellphone, iPad, iPhone, tablet, digital camera, laptop, computers, etc. Who would have thought that technology successively influenced us? Ever heard of the popular and addictive trend […]

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