32 Pics Body Painters Incorporate The Human Body Into Various Natural Landscapes

32. Body painters incorporate the human body into various natural landscapes.

Amazing photos of human bodies turned into various natural landscape caught the attention of the online community. These photos that circulated on the social media goes viral!. According to sources, this is an immersive art project titled Metamorphosis, by the bodypainters Leonie Gené and Joerg Duesterwald collaborated with photographers Laila Pregizer and Uwe Schmida in order … Read more

That Girl Is Only Five Years Old And Has Autism.. But She Can Amaze You More Than You Can Expect.

Autism mainly impairs social life of an individual. It greatly affects the brain of the person carrying it, making him incapable of processing information within cognition and language. Because of this, it is quite hard for them to have a proper verbal and non-verbal communication. Unknown for many of us, there are thousands of children … Read more