New Year’s Kiss: The Story Behind This Tradition

new year's kiss

What’s the story behind the New Year’s Eve Kiss? New Year’s Kiss – Many people believe that kissing someone on New Year’s Eve has a significant meaning. All over the world, people observe different traditions during the holiday season until the new year comes. One of the traditions that many people do is kissing when … Read more

People Blows Up The Trash Can After Lighting The Fireworks

Before, fireworks were only used for military purposes. But as time passed by, this innovates into majestic firecrackers that were already used in any celebration. It is always used when people welcomes New Year.  And when there’s left after New Years celebration, people will still use it in any other future celebration or to some sort of fun. … Read more

This Guy Surprises His Family With A Trip To China

We all love being surprised by our love ones, it is really nice to experience this because we never expected that they’ve do some special things to make us happy. Are you a kind of person who loves surprising your family and friends? What do you think is the best surprise you’ve ever given to … Read more