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Drummer Performs On Upside Down Roller Coaster For A New Year Show – Unbelievable

Music is really an influential thing in this world. It seemed to have a magical power because people are just becoming crazy whenever they hear certain popular song. No wonder how musicians have become famous. We have seen and heard many bands before. They are known for their master-liked playing of instruments. A well-known band […]

People Blows Up The Trash Can After Lighting The Fireworks

Before, fireworks were only used for military purposes. But as time passed by, this innovates into majestic firecrackers that were already used in any celebration. It is always used when people welcomes New Year.  And when there’s left after New Years celebration, people will still use it in any other future celebration or to some sort of fun. […]

This Baby Sings “Deck The Halls” In His Very Cute Version

Babies are one of the most precious gifts to parents given by Gods, and that is the reason why they do a lot of things to make them feel special by buying toys and other material things. If you love watching some cute videos of kids this New Year, here is a video that you […]

This Guy Surprises His Family With A Trip To China

We all love being surprised by our love ones, it is really nice to experience this because we never expected that they’ve do some special things to make us happy. Are you a kind of person who loves surprising your family and friends? What do you think is the best surprise you’ve ever given to […]

Here Are 15 Better New Year’s Resolutions You Must Put Into Action

Year 2015 is already here! Well, it was indeed a celebration to each of us, but there’s something more deeper meaning than the party we just had. It has always been a tradition for most of us to prepare some notes before we face another year, which is known as a promise to do an […]

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