People Blows Up The Trash Can After Lighting The Fireworks

Before, fireworks were only used for military purposes. But as time passed by, this innovates into majestic firecrackers that were already used in any celebration. It is always used when people welcomes New Year.  And when there’s left after New Years celebration, people will still use it in any other future celebration or to some sort of fun.

Like on the video below uploaded to YouTube. In this, you’ll witness how people did an insane way to use their left fireworks. Instead of using t in a usual way, they used it for fun. This time, it’s to blow up a trash can for up to 20-foot above. Watch how they do it on the video below.

Somehow, this is really so funny. But on how I see it, this is really risky. Perhaps, if ever you want to play with fireworks or your left fireworks, make sure of your safety first. Chances are, you might just get hurt at the end. How was it for you anyway?

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