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Filipino Celebrity Transforms Into Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez – Genius

With all the issues and controversies during the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, many people just can’t get enough of it. A male celebrity from the Philippines named Paolo Ballesteros made another “Makeup transformation” of Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez. Paolo made a noise worldwide because of his makeup transformations before of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Dakota Johnson, […]

She Applies Makeup On Only Half Of Her Face And When She’s Done, You’ll End Up Speechless

Women are at very advantage to men when it comes to beautification of looks- changing it through different styles and ways like cutting and styling the hair, fixing our fingernails and toes, choosing the right dress and shoes and of course applying makeup. Through makeup, a person can easily change her/ his outward appearance like […]

This Filipina Demonstrates How To Put A Makeup. What She Revealed Next Is Really Unbelievable.

A lot of you have already seen countess makeup tutorials on YouTube, which helps you achieve the look that you want. But have you already seen a make up tutorial that will transform you into a different person literally? If you haven’t seen it yet, check this video. This video uploaded to YouTube by The […]

More Netizens Are Now Addicted To #MakeupTransformations. But These 50 People Totally Nailed It.. Hilariously! LOL!

The use of internet is very influential to our everyday lives these days. It does not only serve as a great source of information but also a reachable source of happiness and reliever of stress. For decades which have passed, we’ve encountered different changes and trends over the internet and it’s all because of social […]

Makeup Transformation Is Not Only For Girls! These Guys Nailed It! LOL

There are a lot of people especially girls who share their life and stories on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more social networking sites. Bad, happy, weird, funny and creepy thoughts are being shared on this site! Even kids and elderly people like going in these social networking sites because it is so much fun to […]

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