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Watch How These Guys Use 3D Pen For The First Time

Since technology is getting bigger and wider, there are a lot of great latest devices that we really dreamed of using. Are you one of the guys who like knowing some news and updates about the latest gadgets invented by genius people? If you are, here is a video that you need to watch. This […]

This Toddler Sees Her Shadow For The Very First Time

Kids are one of the most precious gifts given by God to parents; some moms do hilarious things to their kids to impress other people. Others would find it cute and others would find it disgusting, are you one of the guys who love seeing cute and funny kids? If you are, here is a […]

Adorable Puppy Tries To Bark For The First Time, Watch How Cute This Is

Dog are one of the most adorable pet to be adopted at home, they are indeed the cutest animals ever and we treat them as one of the members of our family. Are you one of the guys who adopt little dogs until they grow up? What do you think is the cutest thing your […]

This Little Girl Finally Ride Her Bike Successfully, Watch Her Priceless Reaction

Parents do really love teaching their children in doing something special; they enjoy doing this in order to make their kids happy. Do you still remember what things you enjoy of doing with your mom and dad before? Have your parents ever taught you how to ride a bicycle? When we were kids, we love […]

100-Year-Old Woman Sees Ocean For The First Time, And Her Reaction Is So Priceless.

We are given so much chance in doing great things but not all of us are given the opportunity to do so. There are things that still blocks our way no matter how much we wanted to do something different, yet those things that hinder us are not yours or anybody’s fault. It’s on our […]

Your Emotions Will Get Mixed With These 15 People Experiencing Things For The Very First Time In Their Life

Experience is the best teacher. Since it denotes application of all your senses, it’s no doubt to be known as the most memorable moments in our life. Of course, experiences have always its ‘first’- first walk, first talk, first laugh, etc., and the feeling of those ‘first times’ are unforgettable. Do you still remember the […]

Witness How These Kids Enjoys Their First Snow Experience. A Great Proof That First Time Is Always The Best

Playing on snows is such a nice experience. It may be so cold brought by the snows, but the feeling and the enjoyment will be all worth it. It’s more exciting and memorable on your first time. Like how these babies reacted as they play in the snow for the first time. As seen in […]

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